Angler’s Reef 140

With HomeAway/VRBO becoming less user friendly for both owner and traveler this rental homeowner needed a new outlet to rent their home. After connecting with the local Chamber of Commerce, he had a listing in their “lodging section”, but needed a website to take prospective renters to.

This was the first website I created where I was given an outline of what it was to look like and how the pages interconnected. This was both fun, yet a bit challenging. Ideas on paper do not always mesh well with web design, but I made it work. I also learned how to utilize some other WordPress abilities I was not previously familiar with by working with this theme. So it was a great learning experience all around.

We were able to showcase both the home and the surrounding area with pictures and videos across the website. There have been many repeat renters and they always enjoyed sharing pictures of their stay as well as writing great reviews. We also have an availability calendar and a contact form to request to book. This is much more streamlined than HomeAway/VRBO and no fees for anyone!

Check out!