Web Design

I believe that WordPress is the best web design tool for most small business people. YOU can update and create additional pages; not pay someone $50+/hour EVERY TIME you want to change something…and wait for them to get around to it. I will help you when you need it, but I do not want you to be dependent upon me or any other consultant to run your website or social media accounts.

*FULL DISCLOSURE* I do not do coding, that is the joy of WordPress, you do not need to know how to. I can do basic coding changes for spacing issues and whatnot that I run into as I create. If you want a fully customizable site, you will need to find a web designer, and you will most likely not be able to update it yourself. Here is a brief explanation of the differences between designers and developers according to About.com and A Beautiful Site. I do not want you to have false expectations nor do I want to disappoint you.

WordPress is much more interactive than your average website because it seamlessly integrates most types of social media, as well as a blog and comment aspect. There is analytic software built in to all WordPress sites, allowing the evaluation of the sources of page views referred from other online sources, popular pages as well as what days you have the most traffic to your site. This software will show what search terms were used to find the website as well. Rumor is, 20% of Google searches performed each day have never been done before. This means it is critical to continually be updating the content of the site to keep it relevant in future searches. Through this analytic software, it will be ascertained what new search terms the website should include.

These websites are hosted by WordPress (for free!) and domains can be purchased or the wordpress.com site can be mapped to a currently owned domain.  There are many options available with WordPress, most at little or modest cost. There are themes which allow customization. Additional colors and fonts, and even the ability to upload your own videos, with the VideoPress upgrade, are available to you. These and other upgrades can be discussed during a consultation.

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, so one of the main writing aspects is a post. These posts can be tagged and categorized for viewers to easily find them in chronological order. Pages are static, but can be tagged and categorized as well. Images can be embedded in the site as well. YouTube videos can be embedded simply into a page or post, but your own personal videos need to be embedded through the VideoPress upgrade. To input text, images or anything into the sidebar or footer on your webpage you will need to use a widget. Widgets range from text boxes to menus, countdowns to social media feeds and more. Images can be embedded in any post, page or widget, and text can wrap around the image as well for a sleek look.

This may sound confusing to some of you, but don’t worry, that is why I am here!