LBI Vacation Planner

The LBI Vacation Planner was originally born in 2013 as a continuation of LBI is Alive. However, due to certain circumstances it never came to fruition. After working on some Real Estate ventures, we have circled back to fill a void on LBI. Everything you need to know about LBI in one place, online.

We are excited to bring this new and unique interactive digital magazine supported by  multi platform social media to LBI. We wanted our visitors to have a fun, yet useful resource for their LBI vacation.  From deciding where to stay to where to play – have all the information at your fingertips to make sure everyone in the family is able to do everything they want.

Meanwhile offering the business community a way to interact with customers on a very personal and daily basis. The hot links in the ads bring customers to the business’ website or social media feed so consumers can always see the most up to date information about the business. This also allows the businesses to give the most current information and connect on a more personal level.

This means there is no longer a need to wait until arriving on LBI to start thumbing through local publications to plan their week. Now they can do it all from their laptop, tablet or smartphone well before they arrive on LBI.

The magazine will officially launch in January 2018. Stay tuned for more details!          Facebook          Twitter          Instagram