Sand Dollar Real Estate



Sand Dollar Real Estate has always been on the cutting edge of technology and has had an informative website for buyers, sellers and renters. However, over the last few years, while it has still been informative, the site itself had been a bit behind the times. FrontPage was a great product, but is it no longer supported and there are so many more options for creating your own website, with minimal html coding.

This new site is more streamline and user friendly, while still chock full of information as always. The biggest changes you will see are:

  • It now has a slide show integrated on the homepage as well as a featured home video in the footer and on its own page.
  • The navigation is more native and allows the user to easily move from one page to the next within the same window, instead of multiple windows opening from each click..
  • There is also a more defined hierarchy with many branches, instead of the linear hierarchy of the last site.
  • There are multiple contact forms throughout for whatever service you would like to sign up for.
  • It is now optimized for any size computer screen; no more sideways scrolling!
  • Check it out here!

Between my WordPress knowledge and Sand Dollar’s basic html experience (which they shared with me) from the old website; this collaboration made for a top notch website, not to mention maybe one of the best real estate websites on the Island.

Take a peek at!